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Our Mission

Public Law 25-69, Chapter 89, Section 87103 states:

Purposes and Authorized Activities of the Corporation; General. The purpose and authorized activities of the Corporation are to assist in the implementation of an integrated program for the preservation, development and promotion of the Chamorro Heritage of Guam, for the public benefit and to provide specific services to the Chamorro people. It is intended that this Corporation be a catalyst in the preservation, development and promotion of language, arts, humanities, historic and cultural preservation, research, restoration, presentation, museum activities and support programs significant to Guam’s history and culture, and to enhance the future of the Chamorro people of Guam. It is a further purpose of this Chapter to enable the Corporation to aid private enterprise without unfairly competing with it in the expansion of cultural and historical resources for Guam.

Ufisinan Presidente President’s Office

Administrative Services

Responsible for providing administrative support, budget, personnel, policy reviews and procedures, evaluation and recommendation, special projects and procurement.  Including implementation of an integrated program for the preservation, development and promotion of the Chamorro Heritage of Guam and to provide specific services to the people of Guam.  

Dibision Fino’ Yan Kotturan Chamorro Division of Language & Culture 

Chamorro Translations

To formulate and develop standards and procedural requirements with regard to the development, promotion and preservation of the Chamorro language and culture with all relevant institutions and programs.

Chamorro Dictionary

To update the Chamorro-English / English-Chamorro dictionary.

Government of Guam Liason Program

To develop, promote, and preserve the Chamorro language and culture with all relevant government agencies, institutions and programs.

Silibrasion Chamorro

A celebration of the cultural heritage of the Chamorro people through song and dance, exhibits of Arts and Crafts, and culinary activities

Guam Place Name Commission

To insure compliance of the official orthography and the spelling of Place Names of Guam.

Dibision Faninadahen Kosas Guahan Yan Sagan Rikuetdo  Guam Museum and Archives Division

Sagan Rikuetdon GuahanPublic Awareness Appreciation

To encourage the museum’s ability to serve the public and expand and heighten the museum’s ability to accommodate the public’s need for cultural enlightenment.

To acquire, preserve, retain, and provide the accessibility for research and presentation on the cultural heritage of the Chamorro people and our Island of Guam.

Promotion and Understanding

To promote increase understanding of Guam’s geology, biota, prehistory and culture.  

Dibision I Sengsong Chamorro The Chamorro Village Division

Enhance Small Business Development

To provide a facility to promote and develop small business at the Chamorro Village.

Promotion of Culture and Traditions of Guam

To foster an environment that promotes local produce, products and the culture and traditions of Guam.

Provide a support facility for seminars, workshops, and fairs

Offer a support facility to host annual seminars, workshop and fairs for all public and private institutions and organizations.


5 GCA, Ch. 87 Administration and Support This program oversees, manages and provides administrative support to all programs under Chamorro Affairs. Responsibilities includes correspondence, reports, fiscal accounting, budget, personnel, procurement, legislation, loans and grants.

5 GCA, Ch. 87, Section 87104 (w) Historic Language Preservation To formulate and develop standards and procedural requirements with regard to the development, promotion, and preservation of the Chamorro language and culture with all relevant institutions and programs

5 GCA, Ch. 87, Section 87104 (x) Elementary/Intermediate Education To establish a joint appointment program with Guam colleges and universities in the teaching of the Chamorro language, culture and history; and further to establish reciprocal relationships with other institutions.

5 GCA, Ch. 87, Section 87126 (h) Heritage Curriculum To develop articulated curriculum and course text for mandated courses in Guam's schools and institutions of higher learning related to Guam's history, language, and culture; to conduct research, publish and produce multi-media and print materials relating to the Guam heritage; and provide training to promote increased understanding of Chamorro Heritage.

5 GCA, Ch. 87, Section 87136 (a) Geographical and Archaeological Validation To promote increased understanding of Guam's geology, biota, prehistory, history and contemporary culture. Serves as the official repository and custodian of historical artifacts of Guam and to acquire, preserve, and make available for public viewing, artifacts and archival materials relating to the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Guam.

5 GCA, Ch. 87, Section 87130 (a) Heritage Archival Collection To provide for the preservation of all government publications including any printed or processed paper, books, periodicals, pamphlets or maps, originating in or printed with the imprint of, or at the expense and by the authority of the Government of Guam; including public records and other papers not in current use by the Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches of the government of Guam and have been determined to have sufficient legal, historical or other value to warrant their continued preservation by the government of Guam; and also be the custodian of non-governmental historical records that contain significant information about the past or present, and are therefore worthy of long-term preservation and systematic management for historical or other research purposes.

5 GCA, Ch. 87, Section 87130 (c) Collective Historic Preservation & Cultural Authentication To insure the retention and preservation of our documentary heritage as the official repository and custodian of historical government and non-government records of Guam. Acquire, preserve and make available for public use, records relating to the cultural and documentary heritage of Guam; and foster research on the records in its inventory and shall disseminate the results of this and other research to the public through the media as public exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, scholarly activities, television programs, publications, and other public programs contributing to and encouraging enlightenment

P.L. 28-68, 5 GCA Ch.87, Section 87103 (a) (viii) Chamorro Village, "I Sengsong Chamorro" To operate under its control a public market, or markets, for Guam products at such places or places deem proper. Any such market shall be maintained and operated at all times in a sanitary and orderly manner, beneficial to both producers and patrons alike. Producers and sellers desiring to use space within such market to display or sell their produce shall be levied a uniform fee based upon the amount of space used and period of such use.

5 GCA, Ch. 87, Section 87152 Public Marketing Revolving Fund The Public Market Revolving Fund was created to deposit all funds collected from fees levied pursuant to Ch. 87 of 5 GCA., and to be used exclusively for the administration, operation and maintenance of the I Sengsong Chamorro", the Chamorro Village.

5 GCA, Ch. 83 & 87; 21 GCA, Ch. 76, Section 76114 Guam Museum To service as a depository for certain specimens and objects of natural history and of botanical, ethnological, or archaeological value or interest, and any book, treatise, or pamphlet relating to natural history, botany, ethnology, or archaeology now in possession of the University of Guam, or any territorial department, bureau, or board.


Board of Trustees

Joseph D. McDonald


Leonard Iriarte


Beatrice Limtiaco

Finance & Economics

Maria Vilante


Darlene Taitano

Member at Large

Dina Hernandez

Toursim Member

Vicente Meno

History & Archeology Member

Johnny G. Sablan


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