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Merchants at the Chamorro Village


A & A Variety Gift Shop (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 787-8853/8106, 686-0088

Retail of clothing and accessories


Accessorize me (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 687-3215, 777-7725

Sale of custom jewelry and Guam Products to include clothes, sandals, etc.


åsu Smokehouse (Food)

Contact Number(s): 979-1278

Sell of authentic real pit barbecue meats.


Chamorro Brand Gifts and Clothing (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 472-0889

Sale of gift and clothing items.


Chamorro Island Bar B. Q. (Food)

Contact Number(s): 477-4227

Sale of Korean & Chamorro Food


Che’lu ® (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 472-4358

Sale of Traditional arts and crafts, cultural t-shirt prints and other Che’lu products including the sale of dry goods, jewelry, sno-cone and cotton candy.


Coconut Villa Gift Shop (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 477-7467

Hand manufactured coconut arts and crafts including the sale of various pre-packed products and beverages.


Blue Amber Trio (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 977-0381

Sale of jewelry and handcrafts items (Guam Seal Products).


GuBaby (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 487-3007

Sale of baby clothing.


Ifil Shop (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 653-5366, 888-2650

Retail of handcrafted Ifit products.


Island Cuisine (Food)

Contact Number(s): 888-9853

Sale of Chamorro food.


Imari (Food)

Contact Number(s): 489-9007

Sale of Japanese food.


Jamaican Grill (Food)

Contact Number(s): 472-2000

Sale of Jamaican, Chamorro and Filipino food.



Kusinan Ari (Food)

Contact Number(s): 477-1604

Sale of Chamorro and Korean food.



L. M. Y. Clothing (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 988-5404

Sale of clothing, accessories and Guam souvenirs.


Micronesian Jewelry (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 477-1178

Manufacturing of gold and silver jewelry, jewelry repair, retail sales and purchasing jewelry.


MJ’s Handcrafted Gifts (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 678-2232

Sale of local arts, crafts and gifts.


Mode and More (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 688-3133, 787-1489

Sale of gifts items, t-shirts and fashion jewelry.


Mon’s Fashion and Gift Shop (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 688-6994

Retail of authentic Thai clothing and costumes including but not limited to those worn in island traditional celebrations,

cultural reenactments, and local entertainment.


Our Crafts Guam (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 477-7240

Retail of arts and crafts items.


Pacific Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant (Food)

Contact Number(s): 475-4242



Pearl’s Fast Food (Food)

Contact Number(s): 472-3827

Sale of Filipino and Chamorro Dishes.


Salas Gardens (Produce)

Contact Number(s): 979-1049

Sale of Local Produce


Sling Guam (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 864-6288

Sale of handmade sling/stone and island wear.


Smart Cut Fashion (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 477-3494

Dressmaking / Alteration / Retail


Studio 13 North (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 482-0711

Hand manufactured coconut arts and crafts.


Surf Beads (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 472-4757

Sale of costume Jewelry and souvenirs hand crafted.


Taotaomon’na Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery

Contact Number(s): 483-7023

Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery


The Guam Gallery of Art (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 688-0320

Sale of traditional and contemporary local arts and crafts.


Warehouse Pacific (Retail)

Contact Number(s): 483-2060

Retail of local souvenir items.



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